Important notice: please be advised that mobiPET will cease operations February 1st, 2018.

mobiPET™ Animal Shelter Referral / Retail Program


Become a mobiPET Shelter member and give every pet owner the power to send an immediate photo alert should their pet ever go missing.

The Subscription Program & Lost Pet Service

  1. mobiPET has a free photo alert registration
  2. mobiPET has an online premium lifetime photo registration option for $15.00
  3. mobiPET has a Card Carrier that consists of one metal mobiPET ID code Tag and three key chain tabs for $25.00
  4. Lost Pet Alert Service - If a pet owner ( who has not purchased mobiPET ) loses a pet, you can recommend they go to and purchase an immediate lost pet notification alert for $50

How it works

As a mobiPET Shelter member, you will have the opportunity to earn additional revenue through a referral program as well as an (optional) retail sales program.

The Referral Income – You can earn $3.00 per premium lifetime photo registration in a referral…consumer price is $15.00…You can earn $5.00 per premium with tag lifetime photo registration in a referral… price is $25.00. Lost Pet alert service is $50. mobiPET™ will provide to Animal shelters a $20 referral fee from any pet owner that purchases a Lost Pet alert and who identifies their name as where they were referred from.

For the Retail program (optional) you will the opportunity to sell our mobiPET card carrier with ID Code tag direct to your pet owners.

  1. The Retail Program - You can earn up to$12.50 per mobiPET card carrier sale in a direct sale … price is $25
  2. The Tools – You will have everything you need to succeed. All the essential tools and training, plus a back office providing technology, customer service and direct delivery of product to you.

If you have any questions about the program please send an email to

Please fill out the mobiPET registration form online to get details on the referral program.

Shelter referral program - register here