Important notice: please be advised that mobiPET will cease operations February 1st, 2018.

How mobiPET works

mobiPET sends out an immediate photo alert for your missing pet. mobiPET offers a free subscription service along with two premium offerings for your pet. mobiPET works across all cell phones and carriers. Our mission is to give back 15% of our revenues from the premium service offerings to Animal Shelters and others supporting the care and safety of all pets.

Free Pet Photo Alert

The free mobiPET service is designed for pet owners to; register their pet with a photo on their computer, tablet or cell phone, then add a web app for use on their smartphone, issue a lost pet photo text alert to neighbors who have registered, to post the lost pet alert on social media and opt in to receive pet alerts from other pet owners in the immediate area or the community that they live in.

A photo alert will go out by text to all registered pet owners or finders within a 2 mile radius or their registered community* and by email to their registered Veterinarian.

They must input their vet information (name and email) and can add any medical information including vaccination data that is helpful when boarding or kenneling a pet when traveling.

They will become a member of mobiPET and can edit their pet and contact information from their cell phone or from their computer on the web site. They will receive an invitation to load a mobiPET web app onto their smart phone that contains all their registered information and a button they can click on to alert that their pet has gone missing.

This service is free for the first photo amber alert for any missing pet. A notice will be sent to the owner asking them to upgrade to a premium level to protect the pet is case of the pet going missing for a second time.

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Premium Lifetime subscription $15

The pet owner can purchase lifetime protection for their pet(s) from their computer with a photo and a registration fee of $15 for each pet. The Premium subscriptions carry two key additional benefits. With a lifetime protection package the photo alert will also go by email to Animal Shelters and Animal Control facilities within a 30 mile radius immediately.

The pet owner will also receive a pdf from which they can print out their own lost pet poster. If a pet should go missing from anywhere outside the registration address, we will notify the owner via text to input the address from which the pet went missing and issue the alert from that location. (This feature is important for people that travel with their pets)

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Premium Lifetime subscription with ID Code tag $25

They can also purchase a lifetime protection with a Unique ID Code metal tag with a photo and a registration fee of $25 for each pet that would offer additional protection if the pet is found. There are instructions on the tag to provide for owner contact should the pet be found by someone who is not yet registered on the mobiPET system.

This product comes packaged in a card carrier and will also be placed at retail for sale by any animal related business. It will also be offered thru the Pet Lovers and Fund Raising Programs available on the web site.

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Lost a pet alert

If you have not signed up with mobiPET and your pet goes missing, check to see if you have a photo of your pet on your computer or in your cell phone. You can then fill a form on our site, pay a fee, upload a picture of the pet and we will send out a photo alert by text to all registered pet owners or finders within a 2 mile radius or by email to Vets, Shelters and Animal Control within a 30 mile radius immediately. The cost is $50.00 for the alert package.

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If your pet goes missing, the owner texts the word LOST from their cell phone to If you have the mobiPET web app on your smartphone, just touch the LOST button. Anyone that finds a pet with a mobiPET tag can notify the owner by taking a photo of the tag and sending it to as is clearly explained on the tag. The finder will receive immediate information about the pet – such as the pet's name, contact info - and the owner will receive an immediate notification that someone has found the pet, along with the finder's contact info. This process works even if the finder is not a mobiPET member and has not been notified that the pet is missing.