Important notice: please be advised that mobiPET will cease operations February 1st, 2018.

mobiPET Frequently Asked Questions

When a pet is lost, the owner texts the word LOST to or hits the lost a pet button on their web app and a photo alert and owner contact information immediately goes out by text to all registered pet owners and pet finders within a 2 mile radius or to your registered community. If you have a premium subscription, it will also go out by email to animal shelters and animal control facilities within a 30 mile radius of where the pet was reported missing.
mobiPet is the only amber alert program that issues an actual photo of your pet and owner contact information within minutes of your notification.
Yes. After you register the first pet, login to your member account and click on the add a pet link. Then click on one of three boxes at top of page and click on the service you want to add the pet to. If you have another tag, click on Premium with tag.
No. A photo alert will still go out if your pet goes missing. However, the American Humane Association recommends that each pet wear an ID tag to help insure greater and faster recovery.
When someone finds your lost pet they will keep it at home or drop it off at the local shelter, vet's office or pound. With our system all bases are covered to make sure that your lost pet is safely recovered and does not slip through the cracks!
After we send out a photo amber alert, the news instantly spreads in the local community by word of mouth as well as social media.
Please let us know that your pet has been found by sending a message to It is important to make certain to inform all places you contacted (including us!) and remove flyers. Otherwise, valuable time is wasted which could be used for pets that are still missing.
If you have paid for your subscription, we will respond to your cell phone alert with an address verification text….you can confirm or enter address where the pet went missing.
We will send an email alert that can be printed out in an 8 X 11 format containing the pet owner's contact information, photo of the pet along with the pet's Name, Age, Breed and Gender. click here for sample of alert
Yes, during registration, check the box email and you will receive the same alert notification.
Go to, click on the Sign in tab, enter your email address and your password and you will be taken to your account page where you can edit your information.
  • 1 in 3 pets will get lost during their lifetime
  • 10,000 pets are reported missing every week
  • Without ID, 90% of lost pets never return home
  • A handyman or contractor accidentally lets your pet out
  • Your cat escapes through an open window or a broken screen
  • Your dog digs a hole and escapes under the fence
  • When traveling, your pet gets loose and wanders off
  • A thunderstorm or fireworks display causes your pet to panic and flee
  • An emergency situation or natural disaster causes your pet to get lost
  • Your pet is stolen
Yes, we can create a community or town boundary and all registered pet owners within that community or town can be alerted. All you have to is go to the Community tab on the front page and register your community. If you live in a small town email us at and give us the name of your town and we email you the registration information.
We will send you a url that you can click on… to share your alert information on Facebook or Twitter using the buttons we provide on the alert page.
To see sample alert click on URL:
If a pet owner owns more than one pet, we will notify the owner to verify which pet went missing so the correct photo alert can be issued.
After registration, we sent a thank you text to your cell phone with a URL to enter into your phone’s browser to add the app. If you deleted the text message from us, then open the following URL on your cell phone
Please go to contact us on our web site and fill out the form.
The mobiPET web app is not a native app that you can get from the app store, but a web app which is a highly optimized mobile view of the pet owners account from the mobiPET portal, opened over an SSL encrypted connection. A web app is basically a website made to fit a mobile device screen and look similar to how a native app looks.
You will receive instructions on how to load the mobiPET web app from the thank you for registering text message that you receive from mobiPET.
The cost is $7.50 and shipping is free. You can order the replacement tag from the Pet owners account page.
If you have a free account and issue a lost pet alert, we will ask you to upgrade your pet to a premium offering from your account page.
We offer Animal Shelters and Pet Lovers a program that will return 20% of revenue to those who register with us. They will receive a unique referral code. They will then let the pet owner know the referral code that they can use when registering for a premium service offering. We also have a partnership with the American Humane Association that will return 10% of revenue if you use the code AHA in the referral box when registering your pet.
The mobiPET tag comes with a unique 12 digit alpha-numeric code. Anyone that finds a pet with a mobiPET tag can notify the owner by taking a photo of the tag code with their cell phone and text it to as is clearly explained on the tag. The finder will receive immediate information about the pet – such as the pet's name, contact info - and the owner will receive an immediate notification that someone has found the pet, along with the finder's contact info. This process works even if the finder is not a mobiPET member and has not been notified that the pet is missing.

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