Important notice: please be advised that mobiPET will cease operations February 1st, 2018.

About Us

Who are we?

We're two pet owners who wanted to come up with a better solution for what you can do if your Pet goes missing…What if pet owners could send out a virtual Lost Pet Poster amber alert to other pet owners, pet finders, animal shelters and animal control in your area by simply sending a text or clicking a button on their mobiPET web app from their cell phone?

Using patented image recognition technology, your cell phone and a photo of your pet we have developed a new and faster way to notify folks of a missing pet.

It's easy to register as you can do it right here on the web in just a few minutes. It's the best investment you will ever make.

Read on further for more information about us and check out our website and find out more about our mission to help reunite pet owners with their pets.

mobiPET was started by co-founders Aram Kovach and David Ropes. Find out more

For more information about mobiPET, send us a message or email us directly at

How the mobiPET ID Code Tag works

  • How mobiPET works - #1
    1. To register, take a clear sharp picture of the tag and send it as MMS to Wait for a response.

  • How mobiPET works - #2
    2. Follow the instructions, take a picture of your pet and send it as MMS to

  • How mobiPET works - #3
    3. We will reply with a URL that you can open on your smartphone, tablet or computer to finish the registration.

  • How mobiPET works - #4
    Missing pet?

  • How mobiPET works - #5
    5. If your pet goes missing, send us a text, MMS or email containing the keyword LOST to

  • How mobiPET works - #6
    How mobiPET works

  • How mobiPET works - #7
    7. We will reply with a URL you can immediately open on your phone, determine your location and send out the APB with your pet's picture and your number to all registered pet owners and vets in the area.

  • How mobiPET works - #8
    8. Every registered pet owner and supporter will have your pet's picture and details. If somebody finds the pet, they can query the owner's details and contact you!